Q: When are we going to open?

A: Watch our web site.

Q: How long will hamburger mix last?

A: About three months after expiration date.
Q: Can you use a soy meat product?

A: Yes you can. Alas, my mixture of 70% tofu med. to 30% cooked cooled brown ricepureed together to make a farce is much better,

     then following the directions. Definitely add the soy and spice too. Also add 1 T sesame oil if desired.A 1/4c of reconstituted shittake

    mushroom sauteed, cooled and then added is very ono too. Sear in pan with medium heat on both sides and serve. Burger yield is

    4 at 4oz. now. Ohhhh. Some thin sliced quick  grilled eggplant and tomatoes on top......get the idea?

Q: What is the best type of seafood burger?

A: All types of seafood are good such as ahi rough chopped and sesame oil 1T  added to mix. Make sure to let patties rest to coagulate.  Although the best is a

     mixture of 30% scallop mousse with 1 T of cream added  mixed to 70% shrimp rough chopped with hamburger seasoning mix. Yield is now 4 patties at 4oz. each.

     Top with ogo  instead of lettuce. No understand? Ask a local. Serve it rare.....Ono.

Q: How bout using ground pork?

A: Oh yeah! Now that’s Hawaii! Just follow recipe and add powdered chorizo type seasoning. Talk bout rivaling Portuguese sausage!

     Lean and mo betta too! A chorizo seasoning is usually a mixture of cumin, chili type powders and paprika. Also add 1 t of vinegar. No burn when cooking.......

Q: What is the secret sauce served at events?

A: It will be packaged soon..........If ya know what a 9th is maybe I would tell. Mayo and ketchup on the bun will have to do for now.

     Isn’t what that what my grandma always said

Q: What is a 30% ratio to 70%?

A: An example using 16 oz:  30% = 6 oz.and 70%= 10 oz.

Q: What do you do if you want my burgers now?

A: I cater parties up to 200. E-mail me for price.

Q: What about the Quentin special?

A: Off the menu for those VIP customers and friends. A bottle of Chateau Lafite 1982 (market price) is included with the Kobe beef triple burger

     with Stilton cheese mixture for two. Included also is Yukon gold twice fried in duck fat. One week notice needed. Eh.......remember the movie with scene

     with da bottle of Cheval Blanc?


Q: How do u make a  mock Russian dressing with our burger sauce?

A: Finely chop green olives with pimentoes, add chopped parsley and a tablespoon of tobiko or masago caviar.  

Q: Are the hamburger seasoning directions available online?

A: Mix 1# of hamburger meat. Add 1 egg yolk or egg white. Add a dash of your favorite hot sauce if you want some zest. A 1T of soy sauce to intesify flavor. Let rest in refrigerator    for at least 1 hour to bind. Weigh out 1/8th # meatballs and set aside. If you do not have a hamburger press use 2 salad plate  bottoms wrapped in plastic wrap and place meatball with paddy paper down. This will get the job done. Turn oven broiler on and cook burger on top rack(ovens will vary in heat) brown and flip. Works great with ground chicken or turkey. Add your favorite cheese and toast your buns!  

Q; Can you make dynamite?

A: Get some scallops toss in our burger sauce and broil to perfection!  

A: Use the burger sauce to make onolicious macaroni salad too.