The Waiola burger history:

Opening in early 60's, this "mom and pop” era type hamburger shop was established, old school. It was down to the shave ice machine that had a hand

crank to lock down the block of ice. I have brought back the hamburger to remember my grandparents Richard and Ellen Ishii and  for those who grew up in

the McCully district during this period. The establishment was originally know as ”The Candy Shop,” and known by the next generation as ”The Backstore,”

because the sign was no longer up. I renamed the company when bringing it back as ”Waiola Burger” after watching the movie (Pulp Fiction) Tarentino made. Many kids from Washington Intermediate jumped the fence to have the hamburger during their school years there.

Our Mission:

To bring back my Grandparents "old school" burger and reintroduce it to current and future generations.